Why are business still using email?

Why are businesses still using email?

Learn Strategic Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Why are businesses still using email (cover)

Email remains used, by businesses, as their primary marketing channel for communicating with their customers. Learn Why?

A helpful guide for Email Marketers who want to understand the Intricacies of email marketing

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    the potential of email collection for your business
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    how you can identify pitfalls when trying to build your email list
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    Contrasting email with social Platforms
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    why businesses are still using email for communicating

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Johan Claeys

Email has been widely accepted by business, governments and non-governmental organizations in the developed world, and it is one of the key parts of an 'e-revolution' in workplace communication. 

In this guide key-points are covered on why the use of e-mail can be your biggest ally when doing business online....”

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In this guide, You Will Discover:

Email strengthens your focus

How building your connections and relationships to potential
customers through collecting e-mails has the potential to
vastly strengthen both your focus and your business

How to get consent to email

Look at the different ways that you can collect the e-
mail addresses that you need, all the while ensuring that
you get the consent of the owner.

Identify pitfalls building email lists

Identify pitfalls, those things you must avoid
when trying to build up your email list.

Contrast email with social media.

Contrast email with social media. Show you why
email stands heads above social platforms, but also how
they can be used together.

Johan Claeys

About the Author: Johan Claeys
Johan Claeys helps business owners train their staff to think strategically when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation. Working together on developing a real route with clearly defined stepping stones so that everyone understands the objectives, by bringing team members into a training process that allows them to move at their own rate, but all in the same direction.

Why are businesses still using email (cover)

A Fully Updated Guide to ...

Why Are Business Still Using Email For Communicating with Their Customers

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