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Pipedrive support

Pipedrive, an effective visual sales pipeline for managing your deals

Learn to take action, remain organised and stay in control of complex sales processes

This Video Tutorial Is For Anyone Looking To make his Sales Processes more efficient

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    Great pipeline Dashboard Overview 
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    Fully Customisable Display of (sales) process
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    intuitive drag-and-drop interface
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    Full Sync Email Integration
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    Activity Scheduling

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'Sales Pipeline is all about gaining total visibility, a clear visual interface that prompts you to take action, remain organised and stay in control of a complex sales process. This review is about a service that will greatly complement your existing automation solutions portfolio.'

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In this review, You Will Discover:

Pipeline view, deals categorised by sales stage

I will show you around in the primary view, the pipeline, and how you can remain organised and stay in control of your most complex sales process.

Monitor the health of your pipeline

Show how everyday questions can be answered by getting analytics and applying filters to access in-depth and personalised analysis of your sales pipeline

Full Email Sync

​Have emails tied to deals or contacts that you send from Gmail, Outlook or any other email client. Or, start sending emails straight as from your deals in your sales pipeline

Actions that push deals to close

Attach activities to deals and see your entire to-do list on one, easy-to-navigate page and push where necessary deals for close. A deal rotting” mini-feature brings neglected deals to your attention


About the Author: Johan Claeys

Fluent multilingual Marketing coach, focused on listening to needs in terms of digital marketing. Interfacing with clients to help them with their online marketing, working with the client to nurture their customers via robust systems for collecting and managing emails. Via carefully thought-out Lists, Tagging and Automations helping to turn a jumble of emails into a valuable Contact Directory where contact is maintained without spamming.

Pipedrive support

A Fully Updated Review of:

An Effective Visual Sales Pipeline For Organising and Managing Your Deals

Why Wait? Watch this review now - it's free


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