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ConvertKit, Powerful Email Marketing for the professional blogger

Discover ConvertKit a very high performing cloud-based email marketing automation and lead generation solution that encourages action

This guide is for Any Content-Creator looking to Grow his business with Email Automation

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    Send targeted content with simple, but powerful automations.
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    Build email sequences with a drag and drop organizer.
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    Customisable opt-in forms to fit your brand.
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    unlimited forms, segments, and tags.

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Automated Email Marketing is all about automating the process of sending email and building your email list to grow your audience. Inexpensive to implement, yet effective in sending messages to customers, and encouraging them to take action.

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In this review, You Will Discover:

Forms and Reporting

Your email list is your biggest asset. Use the right list to grow your business through attractive forms, trackable data, and simple but powerful automations.

 Automations and Sequences.

Increase conversions with simple but powerful automations that do the tedious an error prone work for you to send well-timed and targeted content to your subscribers.

Segment and Broadcast

Use tags and segments, learn more about your subscribers to send highly targeted content tailored to their interests, location, and other data points.

Easy Integrations

Email marketing with great integrations with e-commerce, landing page, and membership site providers.


About the Author: Johan Claeys
Johan Claeys is a marketing coach helping people like you to understand the intricacies of email-based marketing.

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The Most Powerful Email Marketing For The Professional Blogger

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