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Or will it be the continuation of annoying, intrusive, disruptive cold calls... all over again?

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Watch the video above to discover why I decided to create a strategic fundamentals course on 'lead generation'. After spending years as a 'new business' sales I decided on building a business where I would put in practice new ways of doing business. One of these is the way I organise the collection of qualified contacts.

Now is your chance to get my brand new Strategic Fundamentals on Lead Generation, course, with my experiences, and generate leads in a new way:

How to get this special 'lead generation' course deal?

Right now, for a limited period of time, you can get the course for 50% off the regular price. This is the deal that I mention in the video. In order to get this discount, go to the next page  to log in or register your account and then enter the coupon code "OMENF22AX7" in the payment form.

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Ready to strategise your lead generation with less frustration, less disruptive, and much less intrusive techniques towards a much qualified list. This is your chance to join the Strategic Fundamentals on Lead Generation at the lowest price possible. 

Here's What You Get When You Buy the Strategic Fundamentals 'Lead Generation' Course

Strategic Fundamentals on Lead Generation Course is an online course. After your purchase, you will be able to log in to an online dashboard, where you can access the course material, which consists of:

  • Video Lessons
  • Worksheets
  • Live Sesssions

The Strategic Fundamentals on Lead Generation will be divided into 8 modules of content, with video lessons for each, resources and tool recommendations in each one. Every module provides you with insights to better organise lead generation and collection, and grow your mailing list.

The Course Modules


Why are businesses still using email

Why the use of e-mail can be your biggest ally when doing business online.
How do businesses collect emails

How do businesses collect emails

Understanding the value of email behind the commercial 
How to make a working opt-in or sign-up form

How to make a working opt-in or sign-up form

Learn how an opt-in is a form of consent given by web users, acknowledging interest.
How to link your form with your email storage solution

How to link your form with your email solution

An email storage solution is a service where opt-in lead generation forms, can be linked.
How to store contacts’ email addresses

How to store contacts email addresses

Understanding how email storage systems map field data, process and store collected contacts.
The Incredible Potential Of Landing Pages for Improving Online Marketing

The Incredible Potential Of Landing Pages

Learn about web pages that are disconnected from your usual website menu system
Why choosing the right email service platform is vital

Why choosing the right email platform is vital

Avoid mistakes from the beginning, rather than being forced to migrate solution​.
How to segment your email contacts

How to segment your email contacts

The process of defining and subdividing your subscribers into clearly identifiable segments


How about looking at your own site with me doing an effective website review? Join me for a 1 hour web call to get insider tips to generate more leads for your website. Get a free exam of the shape of your website to figure out actionable steps so you can generate more leads for your website.  In this web call you will receive your first tailored and workable action points.

I will wear a customer's hat and give you practical tips on...

  • places to look for on your site that could generate new leads
  • areas on your site where dynamic content could be displayed 
  • give ideas on how you can qualify visitors and drive growth
  • indicate site areas where experiences can be tailored into different segments of your website visitors

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