How to link your form with your email storage solution

How to link your form with your email storage solution (composite)

Learn Strategic Fundamentals of Email Marketing

How to link your form with your email storage solution (cover)

the potential of Opt-in or Sign-Up lead generation forms and how to make and link them with your email storage solution.

This guide is for anyone looking to improve their online marketing.

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    the Programming Interface
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    Choosing your email Storage Solution
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    Trouble shooting when you have no Interface to link
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    Connecting your favourite webapps

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Johan Claeys

“An email storage solution is mostly offered by a company that offers email marketing or bulk email services. It is with this service that opt-in or sign-up lead generation forms can be linked for storing collected email.”

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In this guide, You Will Discover:


The programming interface

The programming interface has everything to do with setting up a uni-directional link that will make your lead generation forms work.


Linking your email storage

Options for linking your email storage solution or email autoresponder, core for the way your opt-in forms will work

Troubleshooting if No Interface

Ideas on mechanisms for connecting email service storage solutions with your lead generation forms even when no straight connection available.

Connecting with your favourite webapps

Looking at alternatives you can use if you want your lead generation forms to simply send information to other favourite web applications.

Johan Claeys

About the Author: Johan Claeys
Johan Claeys helps business owners train their staff to think strategically when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation. Working together on developing a real route with clearly defined stepping stones so that everyone understands the objectives, by bringing team members into a training process that allows them to move at their own rate, but all in the same direction.

How to link your form with your email storage solution (cover)

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Opt-in lead generation forms and linking them with your email storage solution.  

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