How do Businesses collect emails

Learn Strategic Fundamentals of Email Marketing

A Helpful Guide For Email Marketers Who Want To Understand The Intricacies Of Email Marketing

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    genuinely ask for and be given relevant email addresses
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    Common types of Sign-up lead generation
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    expectation of getting something
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    Opt-in and signup forms

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Email has been widely accepted and it is one of the key parts of an 'e-revolution' in workplace communication. In this guide i will cover the value of email behind the commercial activities of the internet, and give you some of the secrets of the email collection process and how marketing gurus work with the emails they collect to customise your own experience on the internet.

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In this guide, You Will Discover:

The value of email

The value of email behind the commercial
activities of the internet. The process from 

contact to lead to customer

 Types Of Sign-Up Lead Generation

 'not so good' ways of email collection can harm
your business. Use the right methods of
sign-up activities 

Expectation Of Getting Something

Building and owning your own opt-in list.
How do you start and how do you make sure you 
you fulfil peoples expectations

Opt-In And Signup Forms

Different methods are available to present your
opt-in and sign-up forms even when you 
don't have a website.


About the Author: Johan Claeys
Johan Claeys helps business owners train their staff to think strategically when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation. Working together on developing a real route with clearly defined stepping stones so that everyone understands the objectives, by bringing team members into a training process that allows them to move at their own rate, but all in the same direction.


A Fully Updated Guide on ...
on how businesses collect emails. Are you looking for ideas on how you can genuinely ask for and be given relevant email addresses? In this ebook different methods are covered to present opt-in forms for your business.

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