Johan Claeys

How about looking at your own site with me doing an effective website review?


Join me for a web call and get insider tips to generate more leads for your website


Yes, why not examine the shape of your website? Together we could figure out actionable steps to generate more leads for your website 

I will wear a customer's hat and give you practical tips on...

  • places to look for on your site that could generate new leads
  • areas on your site where dynamic content could be displayed 
  • give ideas on how you can qualify visitors and drive growth
  • indicate site areas where experiences can be tailored into different segments of your website visitors

Let's do this! Get your first tailored and workable action points for FREE. Your website address is all I need to prepare this joint effort. No strings attached


*A web call is a method to meet one another in a virtual environment.(in eg. skype, Google meet,
*Sessions can be held in Dutch / French or English
*Please follow the instructions for scheduling your web call