How to store contacts' email addresses

How to store contacts’ email addresses (composite)

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How to store contacts’ email addresses (cover)

intricacies of mapping field data and the different ways collected contacts' email addresses are stored in email storage platforms.

This guide is for anyone looking to improve their online marketing.

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    the different database Types
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    The intricacies when matching fields
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    Working contact- or list-Centric?
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    Examples of automated Storage 

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Johan Claeys

“Understanding how email storage systems map field data, process and store collected contacts' email address details in tables is your guarantee to better address them later".

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In this guide, You Will Discover:

The database types

Collected details from lead generation forms are stored in databases. Let's have a look at the database types for storing.

The intricacies of matching fields

If you import data from a spreadsheet into an email marketing app you will need to match names. However, there are some important pitfalls we need to cover. 

Working contact- or list-centric

Understanding contact-centric and list-centric email storage systems. What is the difference and which one do you need for your business.

Examples of automated storage

A few practical examples on the process of mapping field data and automated storage in email storage systems.

Johan Claeys

About the Author: Johan Claeys
Johan Claeys helps business owners train their staff to think strategically when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation. Working together on developing a real route with clearly defined stepping stones so that everyone understands the objectives, by bringing team members into a training process that allows them to move at their own rate, but all in the same direction.

How to store contacts’ email addresses (cover)

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