SEMrush, all-in-one toolkit for digital marketing professionals

In this long-form review page you will find more information and insights regarding SEMRush combined with my experiences. SEMrush is a software research suite designed to provide digital marketers and online businesses with competitive data to inform marketing and business decisions. 

SendOwl, the 'easy to use' ecommerce platform for your digital goods

In the tutorial video on SendOwl, I will touch how you setup e-commerce by integrating SendOwl for your website.  SendOwl, is a standalone solution for marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners to sell successful digital products.


MemberPress, the 'All-In-One' Membership Plugin for WordPress

In this long-form review page, you will find more information and insights regarding the Memberpress WordPress plugin combined with my experiences for setting up a membership site in WordPress.

Strategic Fundamentals of Lead Generation

Welcome to the Strategic Fundamentals of 'Lead Generation'

8 Lessons



Not started

Demio - A Hassle Free Webinar Platform Built For Marketing

Learn Demio a solution for marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners to run successful webinar campaigns without a technical headache.


Why short lived, private secure mailboxes are your guarantee for building ‘error’ free email marketing

Why short-lived, private secure mailboxes are your guarantee for building ‘error’ free email marketing


Embracing the new European Union email marketing Law

What is the real issue behind this new law?
The EU has recognised that over the last few years, their 'Subjects' online privacy across the globe has been abused, and this abuse has become endemic.

Information is being collected about individuals often without their knowledge and frequently without their consent. 

Consent is the 'topic' that has become central to the rules of email marketing.

So the most obvious topic to cover during this webinar is these directly affecting our business with regarding email marketing.


ConvertKit, Powerful Email Marketing For The Professional Blogger

Discover ConvertKit a very high performing cloud-based email marketing automation and lead generation solution that encourages action.


ActiveCampaign, The Most Powerful Marketing Automation Solution For Growing Your Business

Learn how marketing automation increases the probability that you achieve and even surpass your ultimate business objectives .


Discover A Really Powerful Landing Page Platform For Marketing Teams & Agencies

Learn about the potential of collaborative landing page builder to boost your customer's online marketing and email collection.  This Tutorial Is For Anyone Looking To Improve Their Online Marketing.


Pipedrive, An Effective Visual Sales Pipeline For Managing Your Deals

Learn to take action, remain organised and stay in control of complex sales processes. In the tutorial video we will discover the ins-and-outs of Pipedrive, cover sales process overview and activity based scheduling. Special attention is given to views, filters and reporting.

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Building the stepping stones to achieving your campaign goals

This course will help you think strategically and give direction to your email marketing and automation efforts.

How to segment your email contacts

In this course, I would like to cover why segmenting your contacts   Is important to improve the targeting of your marketing efforts and improves the personalisation  of your email messages to your Contacts?


Why choosing the right email service platform is vital

It is better to avoid mistakes from the beginning,   rather than being forced to migrate from one solution to another  due to lack of - or inappropriate - functionality.


The Incredible Potential Of Landing Pages

Landing Pages are very special pages that help you improve your Online Marketing. In this course, I will show you their incredible potential, and explain why and how they are used.

How to store contacts email addresses

When you start out with email address collection, storage is not usually a problem.   A simple spreadsheet will do.  But as your online business builds you are sure to find that you need a more appropriate and longer term solution.

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