Email Automation Coach Johan Claeys
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Become an expert in laying down stepping stones that achieve your email marketing campaign goals

Johan Claeys

As A Trusted Advisor I Can Help Build Your Own Skills To:

  • Make an incredible resource of your mailing lists
  • Create intimacy and build trust when dealing with contacts
  • Give clear direction to your email marketing efforts

Make an incredible resource of your mailing lists


Implement your business’ conversion optimised landing pages, webinar registration pages, squeeze pages, training opt-ins, multi channel messaging,... email sign-ups for list building. Check which lead magnets to implement to initiate the process of getting, what you want, their email address, by giving visitors what they want, a lead magnet.

Out of conversion ideas? Let's get the conversions in place that ignite your email autoresponder sequences to challenge your email list.

Create intimacy and build trust when dealing with contacts

Email autoresponder sequences will have your subscribers engaged and help better understand your contacts. Build sequences and set link triggers in emails that point to offerings that are of value to your subscribers’ business. Don’t lose your contacts but instead get to know them by creating intimacy and building trust through email autoresponder sequences that lead to stepping stones.

Out of stepping stone ideas? No worries I can help you create intimacy and build trust by finding sequences for your subscribers that reach relevant stepping stones for your business.


Give clear direction to your email marketing efforts

Steppingstone path

By setting stepping stones and putting campaign goals you give direction to what you want to achieve with your email marketing efforts. It is evident that you will talk differently to your customers than to your prospects. Lay out stepping stones to reach campaign goals that are a right fit for your business and make sure in the process your subscribers achieve theirs.

Out of campaign goal ideas? I can help you in the process of getting campaign goals that give clear direction to your email marketing efforts.

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