Embracing the new European Union email marketing Law

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Embracing the new European Union email marketing Law (composite)

Embracing The New European Union Email Marketing Law

Topics Covered

What Is A Data-Subject?

Let's cover who is exactly affected by this law.  Understand how this law is wrapped around the concept of a EU Data Subject and what specifically they are meaning by that. 

 Informed Agreement Methods

 Consent is the 'topic' that has become central to the rules on email marketing and is directly affecting your business. Covering Informed agreement methods that comply with the law.. 

Forms Of Consent

Practical examples of 'Forms of Consent' that you can make your own. Ideas ready to use for your business. Tips on improving manageability of consents through self-service, etc...

Proof Of Opt-In

Learn how you can prepare for compliancy by making sure you have collected your 'Proof of Opt-ins', the bases for your GDPR Proof Lists. 

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