How to store contacts email addresses

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How to store contacts’ email addresses (composite)

How To Store Contacts’ Email Addresses

Topics Covered

The database types

Collected details from lead generation forms are stored in databases. Let's have a look at the database types for storing.

The intricacies of matching fields

If you import data from a spreadsheet into an email marketing app you will need to match names. However, there are some important pitfalls we need to cover. 

Working contact- or list-centric 

Understanding contact-centric and list-centric email storage systems. What is the difference and which one do you need for your business.

Examples of automated storage

A few practical examples on the process of mapping field data and automated storage in email storage systems.

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How to store contacts email addresses

In this course, I am going to explain how you can add your email addresses
to an email marketing application. Or if you are still working on a spreadsheet,