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Active Campaign

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Marketing Automation


Lite Plan at 9.- USD /mo Paid Yearly - 500 contacts


This tutorial review summary provides gives you at a glance the best way to take customer communications to the next level. How you can capture unique visitors, convert them to potential leads, and ultimately turns them into customers .


This is an in-depth review of the ActiveCampaign solution so you can compare my findings with other ‘marketing automation’ solutions you might consider. Look at this review as an informative piece of content helping you in your decision process for purchasing an activity based sales solution. In this tutorial video we will discover how Marketing automation gives you the tools you need to target customers across varied channels and establish long term personal relationships. We will look at email marketing, sales and business automation and deals/CRM.

Send Newsletters, campaigns and emails

Automated Email Marketing is all about automating the process of sending email and building your email list. Active Campaign is effective in sending messages to customers, and encouraging them to take action. You can segment your contacts by their contact data, campaign interactions, activity on your site, interests/social data, and much more. Use segments to explore contacts, send targeted campaigns, and affect automations. You can create automations (sequences of actions and/or emails) based on contact & behavioral data..


Marketing, sales and business automation

ActiveCampaign goes a step further by integrating marketing automation. Marketing automation is the process of automating business processes through a sequence of events and this applies to your entire business marketing strategy! Where Email Marketing is mainly focused on working from the inside out and all based on contact's email, ‘marketing automation’ refers to external and internal processes regarding your list of business contacts.


There can be automated systems running processes internal to your business that your contact(s) do not directly know about. These may include sales processes, support requests, (sales) pipelines, deals, and lead scoring.

CRM that Integrates email, marketing, and automations

Active Campaign does a great job in integrating all that data. Marketing automation is much more than sending emails it needs to gives you the tools to target customers across varied channels so you can establish long term personal relationships. Active Campaign, if well implemented, brings back the human touch with for you a very minimal intervention on your part. With marketing automation, you will be able to measure, manage, and optimize your deals / (sales) pipeline.


“Marketing automations will fuel stage-to-stage progression through your customer journey and increase the probability that you achieve and even surpass your ultimate business objectives."

Increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster with the use of marketing automation.


Active Campaign is for Small sized businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs and freelancers who no longer want to export and sync ever changing contacts list with third party solutions. Wanting to go beyond email automation and looking for an all in one solution that translates their entire business marketing strategy combined with customer relationship management (CRM) and sales automation, out of the box.

Is marketing automation for you? Marketing automation may not be a silver bullet but it does a lot to your selling business. It takes customer communications to the next level. It can capture unique visitors, convert them to potential leads, and ultimately turns them into customers.


The Good Stuff
  • Low learning curve. But prepare 'Marketing automation' is not an out of the box solution!
  • Great visual Automation Builder 
  • Assemble the perfect marketing stack by integrating web apps and deep data
  • Combines email automation,  marketing automation with CRM and sales automation
The Bad Stuff:
  • The email builder is not that flexible in use and needs improvement
  • CRM/deals/tasks has a rather basic User Interface 
  • Pan & Zoom in the Visual automation Builder would be ​great add on.

best offer

business automation

Increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster with an effective Marketing Automation

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