SEMrush, all-in-one toolkit for digital marketing professionals

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SEMrush, all-in-one Toolkit for digital marketing professionals

Go above and beyond conventional marketing with unlimited access to analytical data, custom reports and team-based projects

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Start with a one single place solution for your digital marketing.

Discover the power of SEMRush with a   7 days free trial  access with all features.

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In this long-form review page you will find more information and insights regarding SEMRush combined with my experiences. SEMrush is a software research suite designed to provide digital marketers and online businesses with competitive data to inform marketing and business decisions.

If you operate a business on the internet, SEMrush will make your job a lot easier by taking the guesswork out of researching the market and competition. The tool built for SEO & SEM professionals helps you uncover your competitors' organic and paid search strategies. Find the most profitable keywords for your website. Next to Organic Research and Paid Traffic there are Social Media and Content Marketing ToolKits. During this review tutorial I will primarily focus on Organic Research, Competitive Research and Keyword Research. 


Organic Competitive Research

What keywords do your competitor rank for? Learn about your competitors strategies. Conduct Organic Research. Do keyword, backlink and traffic analysis. Compare domains head-to-head. See common and unique keywords to enrich your keywords list. You can go straight to the keyword overview page where you can play around and filter to find high volume and long tail keywords that will generate relevant traffic. 

competitve research

Keyword Research

With SEMrush you can find keywords that suits you the most. In order to take website traffic from your competitors you need to research. Check keyword difficulties and SERP features.  (SERP - search engine results page). 

keyword overview

Organic Traffic Insights

Discover the keywords that generate traffic to your website! Organic traffic insights helps you to see the real data of your website's traffic. Solves the not provided issue in Google Analytics to find the keywords that actually drive traffic to your website. You can see pre-click and post-click data. Look at keywords driving traffic to landingpages. 

organic research

Traffic Analytics

This is all about looking at your competitors Google Analytics. Provides you with insights on your competitors traffic sources based on clickstream data. Have access to your competitors' direct, referral, search and social traffic. Focus on pages per visit, average visit duration and bounce rate.

Traffic analytics

Keyword Magic Tool

The keyword magic tool is designed to simplify your keyword research routine. One seed keyword to build a keyword empire. The keyword magic tool is a truly great tool for keyword research. Once you have done with keywords, send them to keyword analyser. It is a keyword repository where you can view realtime keyword metrics and refine your keyword list based on that info. 

keyword magic

On Page SEO checker

Designed for content tat you already have on your website and that can be optimized in order to increase your rankings. Provides you with ideas of how to modify pages that already bring you traffic but have potential to rank higher in search results with just a few adjustments

on page seo

Position Tracking

Position tracking allows you to monitor your and your competitors organic and paid Google rankings for a list of keywords you've selected and to manage them in several ways. The position tracking tool allows you to observe your SEO campaign in comparison with your competitors. You can track rankings on desktop and mobile SERPS in a location. 

position tracking

Site Audit

The site audit analyze's your websites technical and on-page issues. Allows you to boost your SEO. You can learn about your websites technical and on-page issues with the help of the Site Audit tool


“SEMrush makes doing keyword, organic and competitor analysis lightning fast"

Without doubt an SEO marketing dream tool.


SEMRush is an extremely insightful tool that can surface the key metrics of a website's performance in search engines at a glance. It helps solve the problem of "why is traffic down this month?" by recording key events against traffic graphs, such as Google algorithm updates. SEMRush is a valuable tool in SEO strategy and audits. It helps you identify what you can improve on and there's a ton more to it. This is a great tool for anyone who is in the market to understand how and what affects their search ranking, but also for an agency who manages SEO for clients. With SEMrush you can perform amazing audits, the SiteAudit tool kit is extensive. You can get great keyword ideas, do competitive research, check keyword difficulty, go after any snippets, and monitor most of the key metrics when it comes to SEO. The tools provided by SEMrush are invaluable and after using it. Hard to imagine running a successful campaign without it.


The Good Stuff
  • you can start with a free version
  • helps you improve your content so that your website will rank!
  • you can track on competitors organic and paid google ranking for a list of keywords
  • you can observe your SEO campaign in comparison with your competitors
  • get insights on backlinks, advertising strategies, articles your competitors are ranking for 
  • keyword Magic Tool to build a keyword empire as from one seed keyword
  • discover keywords that generate traffic to your website.
  • you can run the most advanced site audits
  • great ability to create custom and data-filled PDF reports with email scheduler.
The Bad Stuff:
  • the interface is somewhat cluttered, not always user-friendly
  • glitches when switching between new/old interface 
  • high cost of entry for solo-preneurs
  • 7-day trial period is short for such a vast product
  • adding social, PPC, link metric, social media & content marketing toolkits into their product becomes a lot to take in.
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all-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals


SEMrush Starts at $99,99 / per month or $999,36 / if billed annually


This tutorial video review summary focuses on organic research, competitive research and keyword research). Paid Traffic, Social Media and Content Marketing ToolKit are not covered in the review video.


* This is an affiliate link helping me earn a small income for recommending this solution. If you like this review you can support me in my continuing journey of evaluating marketing solutions by using this affiliate link.

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