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Goals to give clear direction to your email marketing efforts

campaign goals


By setting the right stepping stones and putting campaign goals you give direction to what you want to achieve with your business' email marketing efforts. Your traffic gets converted into marketable names in your lists database. Next is to start the conversation and set criteria to know if they show interest and reach campaign goals. After all you need to know if they are a right fit for your product(s) and/or service(s)?

Scoring criteria, conditions and custom field attributions appended to subscribers will indicate conversational progress. And give insights on how far they are from being marketing qualified. Knowing your target market and their behaviours will help you pinpoint criteria of leads to segment according product interests. Further in the journey you will track their readiness to buy. Being sales qualified and ready for receiving that sales call.

Sales qualifying Lead
Stepping stone towards campaign goals

Out of campaign goal ideas?

I can help you in the process of getting campaign goals that give clear direction to your email marketing efforts.