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Mission and challenge. Getting asked regularly about products, services, resources and tools I use. I made a list of free to try products and services.  

My mission and challenge is finding tools & technology that best meet your marketing and sales goals. The products or services outlined here are in my experience valuable assets for any business. 

Varying from email service platforms, landing page builders, membership solutions, CRM/Deals solutions, business automation solutions, conversational marketing platforms, payment gateways, service solutions, live streaming platforms, data- and analytics- technology. Have a close look at this list of tools and technology with an in-depth for each.

Experienced with the following

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ConvertKit Form Builder

ConvertKit is a marketing & lead generation automation solution aimed at professional bloggers, with opt-in forms, drip email marketing, landing pages, and more.

Compare my findings on ConvertKit with other Email Marketing’ solutions you might consider. Look at this review as an informative piece of content with combined video helping you in your decision process for purchasing an email marketing solution.

ConvertKit email marketing is relatively inexpensive to implement, and is very effective in sending messages to customers, and encouraging them to take action.  I progressed to ActiveCampaign, since as digital marketing specialist, I wanted to progress to business marketing to learn about 'deep' data integrations and powerful A/B testing functionalities. This doesn't mean that ConvertKit doesn't serve it's purpose. Far from it!

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Instapage Landing Page Builder 

Instapage is a rapid page building solution with a lot of templates to pick from to get you going in no time. I started as from a blank template to start building from scratch. A very stable environment, Pixelsharp in its usage and where aligning objects feels like working in Google Draw.

Great building experience even if some wysiwyg features for layout, positioning and animating elements needed to be circumvented by adding some basic CSS on the elements. But overall, starting with sections, Images, buttons, title, paragraph text, …elements was a no-brainer. With version history, it’s comforting to know that during the creation process you can fall back to previous version any time. So my page was build in no time and that is how it should.

Take a look at my in-depth review of the Instapage solution I will focus on building a homepage as landing page. A pop up with an opt in form will be provisioned on the homepage for people to collect an ebook. Special attention is given to mobile web display, team collaboration and integrating your campaign


Pipedrive Schedule Activity

Start closing deals now with an Effective Visual Sales tool. Pipedrive consists of pipeline view(s) with sales process you track. Assign and customise stages that make up your sales. The sales process or pipeline is filled up with deals. 

I used pipedrive in combination with ConvertKit to have sales process overview & activity based scheduling. Such as Meetings, calls, lunches, emails …and to move deals toward closing. 

Take a look at the tutorial video with review on Pipedrive where I cover the ins-and-outs of Pipedrive, cover sales process overview and activity based scheduling. Special attention is given to views, filters and reporting.

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ActiveCampaign Campaign Builder

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation solution which is very effective in sending messages to customers, and encouraging them to take action.  You can segment your contacts by their contact data, campaign interactions, activity on your site, interests/social data, and much more.

Segment to explore contacts, send targeted campaigns, and affect automations. You can create automation (sequences of actions and/or emails) based on contact & behavioral data. ActiveCampaign even goes a step further by integrating marketing automation. Marketing automation is the process of automating business processes through a sequence of events and this applies to your entire business marketing strategy!

Where Email Marketing is mainly focused on working from the inside out and all based on contact's email. Marketing automation refers to external and internal processes regarding your list of business contacts. Take a look  here at an in-depth review of the ActiveCampaign solution.

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Demio Webinar Interface with polls

In this long-form review page you will find more information and insights regarding the Demio platform combined with my experiences.

Demio is a solution for marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners to run successful webinar campaigns without technical headache.I wanted to give an in-depth review of this solution so you can compare my findings with other ‘live webinar’ solutions you might consider.

Look at this Demio review as an informative piece of content helping you in your decision process for purchasing a webinar platform, built for marketing. In the tutorial video you will discover the ins-and-outs of Demio. 


Memberpress Support For Coupons

MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin that makes it easy to charge your users for access to content and digital products such as software and e-books. MemberPress will give you the ability to confidently create, manage and analyze membership subscriptions and digital products. 

In addition to these features, MemberPress will allow you manage your members by granting and revoking their access to posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, digital files and more based on what memberships they belong to

Take a look at my in-depth tutorial review of the the 'All-In-One' Membership Plugin for WordPress - Memberpress


SEMrush Traffic Analytics report

SEMrush is a one in a kind keyword and competitive research tool. If you are a blogger who actually wants their posts to be found on through search engines.

If you operate a business on the internet, SEMrush will make your job a lot easier by taking the guesswork out of researching the market and competition. The tool built for SEO & SEM professionals helps you uncover your competitors' organic and paid search strategies.

Check out my full review-tutorial on an all-in-one toolkit for digital marketing professionals how you can use it to increase traffic and revenue. 


SendOwl Dashboard

SendOwl, is a standalone solution for marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners to sell successful digital products. Perfect for bloggers and website owners who are looking to sell their goods easily and quickly. It is most suited for those looking to sell a small number of products, rather than an e-commerce store that sells thousands. Although there is no limitation set, it is not really suitable for building a complete store.

If you operate a business on the internet, you will be pleased with an affordable solution like SendOwl which is straightforward to set up. Providing your account details and merchant billing is all it takes to start creating products for which you want start charging. Checkout page take a few minutes to configure. 

Are you looking to implement e-commerce and integrate payment gateways for selling your digital goods? Have a look at my findings on this 'easy to use' e-commerce platform for your digital goods