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Email Service Provider : MailChimp or ActiveCampaign?

With little more than a handful of email service solutions. It gets confusing when you see the close similarities amongst them. It would be time well spent for internet marketers to make a comparative analysis. Here, you will find a comparison between two – MailChimp and ActiveCampaign. These are two of the most popular email service providers today. But how do they differ?

Email Service Providers : MailChimp

What can it do?

MailChimp lets you send newsletters, manage subscribers, and monitor your campaign statistics easily. Capable of automatic management of new sign-ups, as well as un-subscribing and bounce-back.

You can monitor campaigns, track emails, see click-through rate stats, create customized reports, and manage subscribers.

Personalised templates

Make personalized templates or use their available pre-made campaigns and designs.You can get this autoresponder features as “Freemium”. MailChimp is a solution where you can start out with zero financial commitment. Allowing you to send two thousand subscribers per month for free.

Mobile app

It also has a mobile app which is useful in sending, coordinating, and monitoring all of your campaigns anytime, anywhere. The app also includes several guides and tutorials to assist you in different ways.

Email Service Providers : ActiveCampaign

Added value in the business cycle

ActiveCampaign is a user-friendly marketing tool for businesses. It features different tools created to assist small to mid-sized enterprises secure, retain, and engage current and potential customers.

The platform allows you to let your new contacts be updated with the post-sale processes of your company. It can give substantial added value to any business stage. The email autoresponder is very efficient in messaging.

ActiveCampaign integrates messaging and email into one automation platform. Combined with sales automation and built-in CRM/Deals functions.

Automated sequences

ActiveCampaign empowers businesses by providing them with specialized market workflow and automatic follow-up sequences. Combined with monitoring the performance of numerous marketing channels.

Integration with business and legacy apps 

It is integrated with several other apps and services, which range from CMS apps, analytics, accounting, sales, lead generation, and support. This means that no matter what field or industry your business is in, you can take advantage of this autoresponder’s features.





Free to $234
(Varies on number of subscribers and subscription type)

$9 to $149 per month

Ease of use

Very easy
(Beginner to advanced)

(No training required)

Best suited for

Small to mid-sized businesses, freelancers, large companies, non-profits, public offices

Small to mid-sized businesses, freelancers

Free option


Free demo available

Contract period

1 month (minimum)

1 month (minimum)

Event Management




Total integrations: Over 560 (examples: Leadformly, Gmail, Salesforce, Outlook, Oracle, Netsuite, SugarCRM, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics)

Total integrations: Over 600 (examples: Leadformly, Gmail, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zapier)


Email automation based on client behavior and preference

Marketing automation, client engagement automation

Take a good look at our comparison table above. Carefully weigh which needs you have to prioritize to help your business succeed. Both email solutions are rated high among user reviews. Both carrying its own distilled strengths and weaknesses. Identify your needs and priorities in advance. So you can conclude and decide which of both actually brings the best outcome for your business.

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I am a fluent multilingual Digital Automation Specialist, focused on listening to needs in terms of digital marketing. Interfacing with clients to help them with their online marketing, working with the client to nurture their customers via robust systems for collecting and managing emails. Via carefully thought-out Lists, Tagging and Automations helping to turn a jumble of emails into a valuable Contact Directory where contact is maintained without spamming.

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