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Lead Magnets offering learning value

12 Effective Lead Magnets with Learning Value

A lead magnet is an offer or a landing page that gives site visitors relevant value and experience. Such that they would be willing to do a specific action. Such as furnish contact information. The use of a good lead magnet can be a game-changer for your online business.

Here are 12 effective lead magnets that provide tremendous value to your potential customers.

1. Free eBooks

Ebooks are packed with knowledge the readers can benefit from. You can generate more leads by making your eBook attractive and highly informative that your target market won’t be able to resist the offer.

2. Instructographic

An instructographic is somewhat similar to an infographic; the only difference is that it focuses more on the ‘how to’ aspect. It has high potential to go viral and is designed to look as appealing as possible.

3. Checklist

A checklist compresses everything the reader needs to know into a single, actionable list. It is free, easy to create, and has been shown to be a favorite among internet users.

4. Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is essentially the same as a checklist, but it gives a step-by-step process or a list of guidelines that the users can follow repeatedly until they achieve a particular benefit.

5. Mindmaps

Mind maps are an outline that explains a complex subject in a consumable way. Since they do not require a lot of details, they are quick to create and often come out professional-looking.

6. Toolkit

A toolkit, also called resource list, makes a highly effective lead magnet for the right market and industry. It provides a useful resource to visitors while generating additional potential income for your business.

7. Free Sample / Free Trial

If your service provides an electronic product such as a proposal, a checklist, or an audit, you can generate more leads by offering a free sample in exchange for the users’ email address. If you’re a software company, offer a free trial of the software you’re promoting.

8. Sales Material

Offering sales materials, such as a catalog containing the descriptions and pricing of your products or services, can entice potential customers to opt in and provide their contact information.

9. Presentations (PPT, Slides)

PPT or slide presentations displaying valuable information aren’t only a compelling lead magnet, but also a practical way for your visitors to learn and stay well-informed.

10. Livestream Webinars

Compared to other lead magnets, webinars have higher perceived value leading to higher conversions. They prove to be more irresistible than audio and video lead magnets because they provide a sense of urgency. Since livestream webinars occur only at a specific time and are on a limited run, your visitors are more likely to subscribe in the fear of missing out on a great deal.

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11. Recorded Learning Video

If you have proper tools and the right skillset, create a learning video that matches the needs of your targeted market. This type of lead magnet has high visibility and provides specific value to visitors, making it extremely effective in increasing lead generation.

12. Webinar Replays

Save the recordings of your live webinars and use them as a lead magnet to increase conversion. Offer a library full of webinar replays from which your visitors can choose in exchange for their email address.


Mastering lead magnets is like having superpowers to grow and expand your business as quickly as possible. Between a prospect’s first visit and the time he’s ready to buy, there is a vital middle phase that involves fostering trust, building relationship, and following up with genuine interest. And this is where you can depend on these highly efficient, value-driven lead magnets.

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