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What are the best lead magnets?

What are the best lead magnets?Lead magnets are incentives that you give your potential clients or customers in exchange for their email address (or other contact information). These are often referred

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10 Marketing Magnets to help your readers make a purchase decision

10 Marketing Magnets that help readers make a purchase decisionIf you run a blog or a website, or if you have a product and a service that you want to attract more traffic in just a couple of days,

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12 Lead Magnets offering learning value/experience

12 Effective Lead Magnets with Learning ValueA lead magnet is an offer or a landing page that gives site visitors relevant value and experience such that they would be willing to do a specific action,

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16 Lead Magnets that Encourage Loyalty and Trust

16 Lead Magnets that Encourage Loyalty and TrustLead magnets are useful in getting loyal subscribers who will patronize your business. If people entrust you with their e-mail address, then that means

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Eight Great Audiovisual Lead Magnet Ideas

​​​ Eight Great Audiovisual Lead Magnet IdeasIf you are the owner of an online business, you can use lead magnets to increase your e-mail address subscriptions. While there are different kinds

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Video in the centre of online marketing

Centre of online marketing ? VideoHere is the quick answer. Yes, video is in the centre of online marketing. However, that was almost a year ago. The quick explanation to the answer is pictures. Pictures

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Newsletter Key Elements That Every Website Owner Has To Know

Newsletter Key elements That Every Website Owner Has To KnowEmail marketing is never complete without a newsletter. You need newsletter and newsletter key elements to gather information from your target

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How long should a newsletter be?

Length Matters: How Long Should Your Newsletter Be?Newsletters are some of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing tools around. Unlike printed newsletters several decades back, today’s newsletters

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How easy is it to make a video without video skills?

Video creation is proven easy even without video skills.Video marketing has been getting traction in online marketing. It works, and it has been proven that it is a far better

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5 Reasons Why an Autoresponder is an Awesome Content Marketing Tool

Autoresponders are great for content marketing - 5 reasons whyThese days, we hear a lot of people talking about “building your list”. What they're really talking about here is using an autoresponder

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