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16 Lead Magnets that Encourage Loyalty and Trust

Lead magnets are useful in getting loyal subscribers who will patronize your business. If people entrust you with their e-mail address. That means, you have successfully established a working relationship based on trust. No matter how surface level it may be.

Below are sixteen lead magnets you can use to encourage people to support your brand and products:

1. Free Trial

A free trial offer encourages people to try your product or service with no strings attached. Many potential clients prefer this over a money-back guarantee, because they don’t have the obligation to pay anything. You will find that most people who sign up for a free trial are most likely to become regular customers.

2. Free Sample

You can encourage leads to leave their e-mail addresses by offering a sample of your merchandise for free. If they try your product—whether it’s consumable or not—and they like it, chances are they will come back for more and become your loyal patrons.

3. Software Download

Useful tools and software make attractive lead magnets because your subscribers can use them on their own websites or blogs. You can give them a blog plug-in or a website tool, which you can personally use so they can try it out for themselves.

4. Comparison Charts

Help your customers make decisions by providing comparison charts for your products and your competitors’. These will help them analyze which product is better. Make sure your data is reliable and don’t forget to include your sources, so your clients will know that your charts are credible.

5. Discount Coupon

Discounts entice buyers to buy your merchandise, especially those who are already thinking about buying it to begin with. While a subscribers’ list of people interested in discounts is much smaller compared to a list of those who prefer freebies, you will get a more loyal following with the former group.

6. Exclusive Deal

Offer a special sale or webinar exclusively for your subscribers and see your list grow. Many people will feel that they’re special when they can get access to exclusive deals, and they will most likely stick with you to get more of those in the future.

7. Free Shipping

Shipping cost is no small thing, and people generally prefer it over paid courier services. Those who are willing to give their e-mail address in exchange for free shipping are more likely to trust your business and support your brand.

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8. Testimonial

Some people will not purchase something until they’ve read reviews about it. By offering testimonials of your products as lead magnets, you are giving your clients an assurance that real people have tried your merchandise or service, and they loved it.

9. Loyalty Programs

By definition, loyalty programs can help keep customers loyal. Reward points encourage people to purchase from just one source, since racking up points is a great way to get freebies, discounts and other privileges.

10. Giveaways

Giveaways are different from free samples in that the freebie doesn’t have to be one of your products. For example, you can give away gift certificates to a partner establishment for new subscribers, or an e-book related to your business. This tells your subscribers that they will get more from being loyal to your brand and business.

11. Recorded Video Testimonial

Few things prove the authenticity and effectiveness of a product than recorded video testimonials. By giving subscribers a recorded review of what you offer, you show that real people tried your brand and that they are satisfied with it.

12. Webinar Replay

Not everyone has the luxury to watch a webinar live. You can offer a free webinar replay in exchange of an e-mail address so that people can test out one session and see if they like it. If they do, they will be more willing to buy tickets to a live webinar or another replay.

13. Audio Podcast Show

If you run a podcast, you can give your subscriber a special, unaired episode. They are more likely to become regular listeners once they see how entertaining or educational your show is.

14. Slides Download

PowerPoint presentations are a favorite among online users, and many are willing to give their e-mail address for a copy of a truly informative one. Give one of your best slide presentations as a lead magnet and encourage people to subscribe for more of those.

15. Webinar

You can give free access to one of your webinars and let your subscribers experience how you run a session. Entertain live questions during Q&A to show participants that you want to be as helpful as you can.

16. Free Consultation

You can build repertoire with your subscribers by providing free, practical advice in your field of expertise. To gain their trust, make sure to avoid using the consultation time as a jumping point for a sales offer.


Maintaining a loyal set of subscribers is no easy task, but you can do it by dealing with them with honesty and fairness, and offering rewards for their patronage.

16 Lead Magnets that Encourage Loyalty and Trust
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16 Lead Magnets that Encourage Loyalty and Trust
Lead magnets are useful in getting loyal subscribers who will patronize your business. If people entrust you with their e-mail address. That means, you have successfully established a working relationship based on trust. No matter how surface level it may be.
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