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Eight Great Audiovisual Lead Magnet Ideas

If you are the owner of an online business, you can use lead magnets to increase your e-mail address subscriptions. While there are different kinds of magnets available online, audiovisual ones have the advantage of engaging users by using a video and audio component. Leads are also more likely to support products and services when they can see real people promoting them.

Below are eight great audiovisual lead magnet ideas that you can use for your business:

1. Livestreams and Webinars

A webinar is a great alternative to a real seminar, because you can accommodate more participants from different parts of the world. More than educating your attendees on a particular topic, you can also use the session to promote or sell your products. Similarly, while a livestream is an effective platform to broadcast your ideas or opinions, it is also a great venue to endorse your services.

2. Webinar Replays

Of course, not everyone can watch a live webinar because of time differences and hectic schedules. This makes a webinar replay an enticing lead magnet. Many people are willing to provide their e-mail addresses in exchange for free access to webinar replays, whether it’s for a hot and trending topic, or a niche topic that a specific set of viewers is interested in.

3. Audio Podcasts

Podcast is such an in thing right now, therefore, it is a good lead magnet, but don’t just offer any random episode to your leads. Create podcast packages that will appeal to the most number of listeners, such as B-sides collections or even a behind-the-scenes package, instead. Doing will entice listeners to subscribe to your site, so they can download these never-before-heard episodes.

4. Recorded Video Testimonials

A video testimonial is a more engaging way of finding out the pros and cons of a product, compared to a written one. Emotion plays a big part in helping people decide whether to buy a product or not, so leads are easier to convince when they watch satisfied users explain what makes a particular product so great.

5. Recorded Sales Training Videos

Sales training videos are educational and helpful in closing sales. Because of this, many people will subscribe to your mailing list if you offer them free training videos that will teach them new tricks and techniques that they can use to boost their own sales and increase their market reach.

6. Recorded Product Videos

Offering product videos is another way to hook potential leads to join your mailing list. These videos exhibit key features of a product, as well as the advantages of using it over other brands.

7. Free Consultation Video Meeting

Not everyone has time to set an in-person consultation, which is why a lead magnet for a free video consultation is attractive. Subscribers can get the same benefits as a face-to-face consultation, but in the comforts of their own home. Of course, make sure you actually have real, useful advice to offer during these consultations, and avoid using these sessions as an introduction to a sales pitch.

8. A 360° Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are now becoming a trend in business marketing. By giving your subscribers freedom to check out your store—whether online or in an actual location—they can experience your products and the services you offer in a more personalized way. You can also include a voice over to explain specific parts of the tour, which adds to the experience.

Good audiovisual lead magnets attract more users because they feature real people that target leads can relate with. By using them wisely, you make your business irresistible, which helps shoot your subscription count to new heights.

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