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What are the best lead magnets?

Lead magnets are incentives that you give your potential clients or customers in exchange for their email address (or other contact information). These are often referred to as “opt-in bribes”. Lead magnets are effective tools in trying to grow your email list.

#1: Whitepaper

White papers and case studies are at the top of our list. This is simply because they offer a most authoritative nature to your target market. This is very important in the B2B world. If you offer a white paper to your subscribers, you are allowing your audience know that you are a credible entity in your industry. This improves your trustworthiness in the field, which can greatly affect your reputation and sales positively.

#2: Ebook

Perhaps the most common lead magnet, an ebook is a good way to offer further information or education to your potential customers. This may be in the form of teaching readers about your business or products, or through material that is relevant or related to your industry. Either way, you give them an incentive by sharing helpful insights that can help them with their inquiry or problem.

A high quality ebook can easily increase your website’s conversions, turning visitors into subscribers and - ultimately - paying customers.

#3: Newsletter

Another common lead magnet comes in the form of a newsletter. The most typical ones offer tips and resources for the potential (and current) customers.

A lot of people are often too occupied with the tasks related to running their businesses or working on their careers. This often means that they don’t always have time to keep themselves updated with the latest trends, news, and resources in their specific industry.

This is where you jump in. By offering a newsletter, you add TONS of extra value to your customers. Schedule your newsletters wisely, so that you always have plenty of resources to share with your subscribers. A good way to ensure that you have a healthy pool of articles or other resources is to bookmark those you encounter throughout the week (make sure they are relevant to your field). Choose one day during the week to send out links (as well as some quick pointers or tips related to your product or service) to your email list.

This will help you make your mark as a leader in the industry.

#4: Downloadable PDF

Virtually anything can be converted into PDF. You can repurpose old (but still currently relevant) content into a PDF file. This can be an ebook, an infographic, a free recipe, a free how-to guide, tips, or whatever you find useful. Your clients will appreciate the added value. 

#5: Webinar

If you feel like you’ve tapped into a pool of potential customers who are still quite unsure about your business, then a webinar is a good way to go. This gives them a chance to get to know your service or product better and up-close. Webinars educate audiences about your product’s benefits and how it can solve their problems. If you want to experience a webinar you can signup on 

#6: Course

Offering free online courses help you customers and prospects get used to the idea of receiving ongoing emails from you. Depending on the course you offer, the conversions may vary. These are best done through teaching and instruction (for example: how to create your own podcast, how to make money through blogging, 5-day video series, etc.).The biggest up-sell of courses is that they help establish long-lasting relationships with your audiences, although their conversions may not be perceived as instantly as other forms of lead magnets provide. If you’re trying to improve your current lead magnet, or if you don’t have one at all, then the ones highlighted here can help take your business to the next level by giving you more email subscribers.

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