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10 Marketing Magnets that help readers make a purchase decision

If you run a blog or a website, or if you have a product and a service that you want to attract more traffic in just a couple of days, you can count on marketing lead magnets to help you out.

Lead magnets are often short bribes that offer a specific value and solution to a certain problem. While some lead magnets can be maximised in as short as 20 minutes, other leads take too long before their full value can be realized and utilized. Nevertheless, lead magnets help clients make decisions and for you as the entrepreneur or web content writer to wield your influence.

The 10 most convincing lead magnets helping leads making the 'right purchasing decision'

1. Case studies

These studies are effective leads as they present facts and ask for your input in surveys and short interviews. From case studies, companies will know what the general reading audience likes as product, service, or content.

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2. Whitepapers

These are academic and technical papers released either monthly or quarterly to give light on a certain problem. Whitepapers also provide accurate information and authority on an issue. This can be backed by researches and graphs.

What makes white papers so attractive?

  • White papers are an excellent source of lead generation. Four out of five readers are willing to complete a registration form to gain access to a whitepaper, validating a white paper’s ability to generate leads.
  • It's the most-consumed form of marketing. White papers are read more often than case studies, product literature, articles from industry journalists, analyst reports, company websites, webcasts, blogs, online videos, or podcasts.
  • Nearly 60% of the technology professionals pass white papers along to colleagues & co-workers. Great for gaining support from other influencers.
  • Number-one way for evaluating technology. More than email newsletters, product literature, articles, software downloads, webcasts, or case studies
  • Whitepapers are popular problem solvers. Great lecture to find solutions to problems.

3. Free ebooks and guides

Share what you know; the audience digs it and appreciates it when they receive free material from a company. It’s your way of exchanging your material with their prospective loyalty to your brand.

4. Testimonials

Like case studies, testimonials add dimension, depth, and truth to your claims. It is one of the most effective magnets to lead a potential client to actual purchase

You can find testimonials embedded in Video, Audio, Text, Embedded in Newsletters Whitepapers, Presentations and even Video webinars

5. Infographics

Nothing can go wrong with text and graphics combined. Aside from providing extra information on an issue, problem, or product, it widens the awareness of the clients. Eventually they will get interested in the issue.

6. Polls/Assessment

Engage directly with your online visitors. Only you know how to encourage your customers to participate in your email marketing. So ask the questions that will entice your subscribers to get onboard with your products, services or message.

They are also a great way to reconnect with your users. What are your options? Email polls and online surveys can give you new insight into your contact lists and lead to better targeted emails and segmentation. Engaging communication means finding out what your subscribers or customers want, and giving them the chance to offer you real feedback.

Give them a reason to explore your offers. Polls give you the unprecedented convenience and efficiency of direct, free engagement with your subscribers.

7. Free trial/free sample

Same with the principle in free ebooks, clients appreciate free trials and samples. Most clients are the play-safe kind – they want to test the product before the actual purchase. You risk losing your clients if you ask them for a down payment. Hence, you have to prepare free samples to get their attention and “help” them choose your product.

8. Sales Material.

Advertisements help a lot in making clients make decisions. With Google Adsense, you don’t have to spend much on promotional tools. You may also include coupons as sales materials.

9. PowerPoint Presentations.

Clients love visuals and will better understand your content if you have presentations available in your website. These presentations often have sufficient information, pictures, and graphs.

10. Recorded video testimonials.

Quotes aren’t enough. Sometimes it’s better to capture people’s testimonials on video. They can help shed light on why other clients should buy your product or service, too.

Video testimonials are a powerful endorsement that promote and advertise your products & services online. By allowing potential customers to see and hear a video testimonial from a happy customers your are giving the the ‘social proof’ they need to make the right purchasing decision.

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