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Is coaching the best route to automating your email marketing?

Ever thought who could be your most valuable asset and ally for your business when automating your email marketing?  

In this increasingly fast-paced world, where businesses and everything around us is changing. Everyone wants to take on bigger challenges and be successful in creating and implementing their automated business solutions. There is a continuous search for ways to improve and create more market value or even dealing with increasing complexity which often results to standstill.

We get so occupied with opportunities that we overlook the changes happening around us. Most often external factors are identified as a cause. Having a coach, could help discover our skills and save time by providing insights to solutions. He could be the one, that sets focus on relevant information, on new insights in analysing our business, directing us to the right path. 

The three roadblocks

There are three roadblocks that businesses need to circumvent when automating email marketing:

  • First on the list, is the lack of focus.
    Getting occupied with so many ideas but haven’t actually tried any of it.
  • Second, no strategy.
    You may have strategies... but these are not effectively outlined with marketing tactics and processes and turned into a strategy.
  • Lastly, missing a system.
    No adequate tools, no system in place that does the automation work.

Shifting from manual marketing to automated marketing requires effective implementation of strategic plans. This comes with drafting, creating time-consuming and tedious error-prone automation procedures.

In short, implementing automated email marketing is hard work and requires guidance and preparation. To lighten the process, you can take a shortcut by opting for a coach who can advice. The one that 'drives' you to prepare and taking an intermediate action.

A coach could be your most valuable asset and ally for your business when implementing email marketing. Find out why. #gettingcoached #intelliweb

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How can a coach help you in automating marketing?

Business in general understand the value of communicating with customers. They know by providing regularly educational information, special offers and/or promotions they can build trust, and strengthen relationship with them.

To further leverage this business potential, a coach helps you by adding automation in the game. The coach being an expert, in businesses automation issues, cloud solutions and specialised integrator, can oversee, assist and guide you in deploying your ‘own’ system. He can guide you in choosing the right solutions combined with the right strategies, which give clear and defined results.

A coach helps you 'make it happen'

A coach is the bridge between wishing something to happen and having it happened. When achieving what you desire seems impossible, when you are in standstill or not knowing where to start he is there to guide you.

How does coaching work?

On a regular basis you will meet your coach, either in person or through internet (video) calls. Discussions will focus on the current issues you are facing, as well as the future of your business. The coaching sessions will keep you and your business on track, moving forward towards your goals and objectives. For later sessions, this includes effective marketing tactics and processes that you will be needing in mapping 'your' system.

How long does coaching last?

It depends. Coaching can either be, by session, by month and by specialty package. Most common is a six months package, comprising 18-hours of coaching. The specialty package gives both the coach and the person being coached, a time to build and put new tactics and processes into practice. After the initial set of sessions, you may or may not extend the coaching. Also, you can have a periodically tune-up conversation to deepen your understanding of the newly acquired skills.

What is the alternative?

Well, if you choose not to be coached you can continue to market manually and work constantly by yourself. This requires setting up of reminders to keep you diligent on a regular basis to keep you on track. However, if continuing the actual path, questions remain.

  • Do you know the cost of not automating?
  • Can you quantify the missed-out 'savings' time?
  • Do you have an idea of how much revenue you lose?
  • What are the number of opportunities that you are missing by not automating
  • Where would your business stand if you would have automated

With a coach, the idea is that you receive guidance to do the hard work once and take advantage of many, by automating your email marketing and business processes.

It’s all about building a system that does the heavy work for you. So, why not take the coaching route to automate your email marketing?

Take the route 

For a lot of business owners, it is quite hard to take the first steps when they don’t have a clue on how and what to automate. Therefore take a look at my coaching page to have an idea on how my coaching sessions are organised. A discussion on the value of your customer list could be a great starting point to initiate coaching.

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