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Newsletter Key elements That Every Website Owner Has To Know

Email marketing is never complete without a newsletter. You need newsletter and newsletter key elements to gather information from your target market, such as email addresses, responsiveness, demographics, and other contact details. At the same time, it allows you to establish your brand and expertise without being too invasive.

What are the key elements of an effective online newsletter? Check them out below.​

1. Straightforward but recognisable subject line​

The subject lines of effective newsletters summarise what the content is all about. Using a misleading subject line is as good as bidding your leads good-bye for good. No one wants to feel deceived.It should also contain the name of your brand so as not to make it look generic — as if a random message just found its way into one’s inbox. A recognisable subject line is usually enough to maintain interest.

2. Branded template

Branding is a very important key element for any business. Hence, the recipient should immediately feel the influence of your brand from the template alone. By consistently showing your logo, colour scheme, and font style, the integrity that you have built all these years will reflect on your newsletters.

3. Engaging visuals

Do not rely on text alone. According to studies, newsletters with engaging visuals have a higher chance of successfully converting leads. Images break monotony and help explain the information written in your newsletters.

4. Personalised delivery

Forget “Madam/Sir” and “To whom it may concern.” They no longer work. You have to make your recipients feel that you are talking to them individually. Making them feel like they are just one of the many faceless contacts in your server will do you more damage than good.

5. Informative content

A newsletter is a collection of useful information that aims to make you an indispensable and credible source. This is no place for selling. There is a reason why a newsletter is different from a sales letter and catalogue.The newsletter key elements should clearly show your line of expertise and how you can be useful to the recipients.

6. Compelling call to action

While upfront selling is a big no-no, it does not mean you cannot urge the recipients to take action. Simply state at the end of your online newsletter what you want to happen but in the subtlest way possible.For instance, instead of saying, “Buy now!” if you are selling a product, you can say, “Don’t miss the chance to experience the revolution.” People would understand what you intend to say.Leaving an opt-in form is also important to update your marketing list. This is a good way to inform your leads of your other newsletters and online materials, like catalogues.

7. Responsive design

Do you know that more than 75% of all smartphone users access their emails from their phone? Not using responsive design on your newsletters will make them unreadable and practically useless, so never waste opportunity to make your newsletters mobile-friendly.

8. Inbound links

Use anchor texts throughout your newsletters because you need to drive traffic back to your website if you want them to be converted to paying customers. Leave inbound links sparingly though as readers do not want to feel obligated to click on every link you have.

9. Complete contact details

Some Internet marketers ridiculously believe that the only way to hit targets is by driving traffic back to a website. They are forgetting that many people still prefer transactions over-the-counter and through phone. Be sure to include your email address (since automated newsletters cannot be replied to), telephone number, and store or office address.

10. Social media share buttons

Social media integration is inarguably essential in email marketing. Directing your leads to your social media accounts without converting them into actual sales is a success all the same.

11. Unsubscribe button

Why give your recipients a chance to unsubscribe from your newsletters? It is because of etiquette and decency. Making this option easy for them only makes you easy to trust. Without an unsubscribe button at the bottom part of your online newsletter, you will only make it look bogus and spammy.

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I am a fluent multilingual Digital Automation Specialist, focused on listening to needs in terms of digital marketing. Interfacing with clients to help them with their online marketing, working with the client to nurture their customers via robust systems for collecting and managing emails. Via carefully thought-out Lists, Tagging and Automations helping to turn a jumble of emails into a valuable Contact Directory where contact is maintained without spamming.

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