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Video creation is proven easy even without video skills.

Video marketing has been getting traction in online marketing. It works, and it has been proven that it is a far better hook, line, and sinker compared to the old-fashioned text-filled landing pages. Just ask the multilevel marketing guys, and they will tell you the same thing.

Video Creation

Surely, you have already thought of it, and that is why you are here. And you are having problems on how you can pull it off fast, especially if you have no idea on how to make and edit good videos that you can use in your campaign.

Learn, learn, learn...

Of course, the proper action to solve this concern is to learn. Take courses. Research online. Or hire somebody. Unfortunately, time and money are two things that you want to save for something else. Or they might be two things you lack right now.

If that is the case, the best solution is to use applications that can do most of the work for you. Is this about applications like Adobe Premiere? No, you need a bit of technical knowledge to use that — not to mention that it is an expensive application.Is this about Windows Movie Maker? No, videos made from that application have low quality — unless you spend a lot of time, which you do not have in abundance.The apps you need should be easier to use, but are powerful enough to produce standard quality marketing material and are excellent to include in your arsenal of marketing automation tools. Some of those are:


A video editing mobile app, it is a powerful editor and easy to use. With a few flicks on your mobile phone, you can create an excellent video ideal for marketing. You do not even need to have a powerful computer to generate high quality videos.Also, if you plan to make one short vid every month, it should be enough — not to mention that it will be free of use! In case you want to get more things done, you just need to invest $20 up to $69.


With Sparkol, you get two video editing programs: VideoScribe and Tawe. You do not need to buy both. Just buy one of them, and you will get both. Their marketing is a bit roundabout, but the important thing is that both of these apps are good enough to make you start making hobbyist to professional-level videos.VideoScribe is primarily used in creating Whiteboard presentations. By this time, you probably have seen one or two whiteboard videos, and were awed at the prettiness of that type of presentation.

Well, you can actually create a video like those in minutes with VideoScribe.On the other hand, Tawe is an excellent presentation maker app. Just get some high quality photos, get your presentation voice ready, and you will be able to create a convincing video that will appear to be professionally made.Pricing for both of them ranges from $2 up to $40 (there are some add-ons that you can purchase one by one, or you can just buy the whole app to get the other one). By the way, another good thing is that both can be used in your mobile phone!


If you have an Apple device or iWork in your PC, you can take advantage of Keynote. It is a presentation app made by Apple. With it, you can create beautiful presentations with ease.

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